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Sports Premium


Our Vision

It is our goal at Edenthorpe Hall to provide high quality, inclusive Physical Education (PE) and sport for all children. We will ensure children have the opportunity to compete in a range of sports, safe in the knowledge that whilst winning and victory will be celebrated, failure and difficulty in tasks is not something to be afraid of. As with all subjects in the curriculum, children will face areas they may find difficult, but they will face these areas in a supportive and encouraging environment. To allow this the school has employed an experienced specialised PE and sport provider, Active Fusion, to work alongside the current PE coordinator Mr Kelly to focus on developing two main areas:

1. Improving the quality of PE

2. Increasing participation in PE and sport.

The Curriculum

Through the development of sport with Active Fusion, School Sport Games and our local Secondary school, Hunger Hill, Edenthorpe Hall academy have strived to provide a curriculum which covers all the fundamental needs of a developing sporting child, whilst also offering the opportunity to participate in a range of varied sports and skills. The P.E. budget is being employed to ensure high quality delivery, assessment whilst also ensuring equipment is being utilized to allow all children access to this range of sports.

Recent successes in football and dodgeball competitions have fostered an increased drive for participation amongst the children, who have requested more opportunities for competitions and friendly games with other schools and academies. Edenthorpe Hall Academy wants to encourage this sense of healthy participation and sportsmanship and so we are working closely with other local institutions to develop sporting opportunities whilst homing in on the development of child led approach to fun and sport using Value Leaders.

The Equipment

The P.E budget is being utilized to ensure we provide children with the very best in coaching and curriculum assets, and this also extends to sporting equipment and kits provided for competition.

Number of Pupils and Sports Premium Grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll 178
Total number of eligible pupils on roll (Years

FS2 – 6)

Total amount of Sports funding received £16,000 Lump sum

£1780 £10 additional per eligible pupil

£17,780 Total 17/18 allocation

Sports Premium Intended Spend 2017-2018

Objective Item Cost Intended Impact
To provide children with

the best and most

suitable equipment for


New Resources, maintaining resource stock £1500 Children have access to the most

suitable equipment which enables

them to participate in new sports /

activities including break and

playground equipment.

To provide

extracurricular provision

of PE and sporting

activities. To develop

pupil confidence, self-

esteem and

participation in sport

and physical activities.

After School Clubs

across the academy

in a variety of


£5000 Increased number of children

accessing after school clubs.

To remove barriers to

pupil participation in


To promote healthy

lifestyles through sport

and physical activities.

Regular intra-

school sport

through all phases.

Regular inter-

school sport

through the

Sainsbury’s School Sport Games programme, Astrea Competitions, Active Fusion Competitions and Local Pyramid schools.

Transport provided

for children.

£4000 Increased number of children

participating in competitions and


To expand the children’s

opportunities to visit

sporting events

Astrea Active


Rugby Events

Astrea Olympics

£2000 Increased number of children

participating in competitions and


To promote healthy lifestyles through sport

and physical activities.

Lunchtime sporting activities

Additional Staff

during lunchtimes

to promote

sporting activities

Play Leaders

£1500 Children engage with sporting and physical activities during break times.
To develop staff skills

and confidence in PE

and Sport.

Staff CPD

Staff release time

to observe PE


Staff release time

to plan PE

Attendance at

Astrea Active

Conferences and

Development Days

£2000 Staff skills are developed in order to

provide high quality PE lessons

Total Spent £16000

PE Policy Click to open

 2016-2017 Sports Premium Information – click here


Edenthorpe Hall has been awarded £3758 for the first part of the year. Further funding will be received later in the year.

This will be used to:

  • Facilitate provision to lead and enhance lunchtime play
  • Provide professional development to new staff with regards to the new curriculum for PE to improve provision for children


Edenthorpe Hall was awarded £8734 in 2014/15

This money was used to:

  • Provide professional development to staff with regards to the new curriculum for PE to improve provision for children
  • Provide new curriculum resources
  • Provide a contribution towards pyramid for Hungerhill Head of PE (as below)
  • Facilitate a lunchtime multi-skills club by experienced coaches


Edenthorpe Hall was awarded £8455 in 2013/14.

This money was used to:

Employ coaches from Sportscene.

  • The coaches ran various clubs both at lunch-time and after school including multi-skills, football and keep fit
  • They worked alongside our LSAs during the autumn to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in the teaching and assessment of PE
  • During the spring term, the coaches worked alongside our KS2 teachers to up-level their skills in the teaching of PE

Develop and strengthen the relationship between the pyramid schools.

  • Regular PE co-ordinator meetings were held which were well attended by all the schools in the pyramid. They were led by Steph Morritt, Head of PE at Hungerhill Secondary School – a contribution of 20% was made by each pyramid school towards her salary to release her for 1 day a week
  • A new PE scheme of work was introduced ‘Real PE’ and all our teachers have attended 1 days training (more to follow in 2014/5).  This scheme of work is now being used throughout the pyramid schools to ensure the children have the same core skills when they start in Year 7 at Hungerhill.
  • Far more competitions were held during the year; they were aimed at both KS1 and KS2 children with opportunities for some of the students who were studying PE at GCSE level to organise and referee the events
  • Steph Morritt observed PE lessons in each of the pyramid schools (3 lessons at Edenthorpe Hall) and issued a report on her findings and how PE lessons could be moved from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’.