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Music filters through school in a number of ways: whole school singing sessions; concerts at significant times of year; class music lessons; after school choir club and individual instrument tuition.  The children are exposed to a wide variety of music right from their entry into school and are fully immersed once they leave in year 6.  Music is important to us here at Edenthorpe Hall.  It offers chances to perform, to explore, to enjoy and to express ourselves.  Our choir after school club is always fully subscribed to and we offer these children chances to perform at the local Sing Out concert at The Doncaster Dome and chances to fundraise through carol singing at Christmas.

Weekly singing sessions enable our children to come together as a whole school and enjoy the feeling of celebrating music as an ensemble.  The children are passionate about this and regularly demonstrate this outside of lessons.  We work towards concerts and performances; giving the children the opportunity to challenge their own confidences and thrive in the feelings gained from performing.

Weekly class music lessons teach children the foundations of music.  Each lesson follows a similar structure: listen and appraise/practise/compose/perform.  We teach about the skills required to decode musical score-notation and expressive terms.  The children are given the freedom to express their own opinions on particular genre of music and suggest preferences, patterns and similarities.

Weekly instrument lessons are offered to pupils in years 4-6.  These vary dependent on interest year on year but generally include guitar, keyboard and percussion.

Music policy 2023 2024

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