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Policy Documents

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Reach4 Academy TrustMobile Phone Policy March 2018

Reach4 Academy TrustHealth and Safety Policy 2018

Reach4 Academy TrustWhistleblowing-Policy March 2018
Reach4 Academy TrustPositive Behaviour Policy 2019
Reach4 Academy TrustAnti-Bullying-Policy-2019
Reach4 Academy TrustDoncaster Child Missing in Education Policy
Reach4 Academy TrustData-Protection-and-Confidentiality-Guidance-and-Declaration-Staff-Governors-and-Other-Workers-(Trust)
Reach4 Academy TrustIntimate Care Policy
Reach4 Academy Trust Online Safety Policy 2018-2019
Reach4 Academy TrustPositive Handling & Physical Intervention Policy
Reach4 Academy TrustPrevention of extremism
Reach4 Academy Trust Social media policy 2018
Reach4 Academy TrustParent code of conduct
Reach4 Academy TrustPolicy for Safer Recruitment
Reach4 Academy TrustCollecting children policy
Reach4 Academy TrustAttendance Policy
Reach4 Academy TrustEAL policy
Reach4 Academy TrustEHA Policy and Accessibility Plan
Reach4 Academy TrustEHP Equality Policy
Reach4 Academy TrustEquality-Objectives-1a
Reach4 Academy Trust New Arrivals Policy
Reach4 Academy TrustNew Starter Interview Questions and Checklist
Reach4 Academy TrustSMSC Policy
Reach4 Academy TrustTeam Teach Certificate of Training
Reach4 Academy TrustVISITING Staff Handbook 2017
Reach4 Academy TrustTeam Teach Certificate of Training
Reach4 Academy TrustPrivacy Policy for Pupils
Reach4 Academy TrustAstrea Safeguarding Policy 2018-2019

Please click on the links below to download specific policies:


Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy

Educational Visits Policy 2018

Inclusion Policy 2017

Uniform Policy

Home School Learning Partnership Agreement


Astrea Safeguarding Policy Updated August 2017

pdf_iconMission Statement for School Fund

Disability, Equality & Access Policy 2017

Inclusion Policy 2017

Risk Assessment Policy 

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy

Policy for expected behaviour of visitors

First Aid & Medicines Policy 2019


If you require a paper copy of any of the information on this website, please request one from our school office free of charge.